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Team Philosophy

Since starting the practice in 2005, Dr. Mellas has sought out an exceptional team that allows the patients to experience top notch care in a pleasant and warm environment.  At Mellas Orthodontics, patients receive the benefit of having more than one highly skilled orthodontists’ expertise during the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment process.  The practice philosophy is that the orthodontists collaboratively treatment plan and treat the patients to achieve an exceptional outcome.

The Mellas Orthodontics team consists of orthodontists with excellent educational backgrounds and experience complemented by an administrative and clinical staff that are thorough and highly skilled. 

Dr. Mellas finalizes all treatment plans and is involved throughout the treatment process along with Dr. Hummert and Dr. Cappetta.  By having more than one orthodontist in each practice location, patient wait time is minimized and treatment decisions are thoroughly calculated.  Finally, the practice is unique in that parents are welcomed to join their child while the treatment is being rendered, so that all questions can be answered by the orthodontists and staff.