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Before and After

Here are just a few of the sensational smiles that we have created for our patients through the years.

Case 1

This patient had a first stage of treatment to correct her overbite. This phase of treatment was followed by full braces. The first phase of treatment prevented the need to wear headgear or the need to have extractions.

Case 2

This patient had a first stage of palatal expansion followed by full braces. Notice how much wider her smile looks on her final photos.

Case 3

This patient had a first phase of treatment to orthopedically correct his underbite with headgear. If left to grow without intervention, jaw surgery may have been needed.


Case 4

Orthodontic treatment for adults is not only beneficial for esthetics, but also it aligns the teeth in a way that helps with brushing and flossing – this minimizes future periodontal issues.


Case 5

This patient had a significant thumb sucking habit. This habit created an anterior open bite. She had a first phase of treatment to help eliminate the habit and to close the anterior bite. She will be reevaluated for braces in the future.

Case 6

This patient presented with a severe overbite and was treated with a first phase appliance to fix the overbite followed by full braces. This case was presented by Dr. Mellas when she was recertified by the American Board Orthodontics.

Case 7

This adult patient presented with a traumatic bite and occlusion only on his upper left central incisor. This created wear on his front teeth and TMJ symptoms. Full braces corrected this bite and this case was presented by Dr. Mellas to the American Board of Orthodontics during her recertification exam.

Case 8

This patient presented with severe upper and lower crowding. He was treated without permanent tooth extractions. His treatment was done with expanders and full braces.

Case 9

This adult patient presented with a skeletal cross bite on the right side (top jaw sat inside lower jaw on the right side) Jaw surgery was performed in conjunction with full braces to correct the bite and the asymmetric facial appearance.

Case 10

This is an adult patient that presented with significant crowding and a crossbite on several front teeth. He was treated with full braces and was presented during Dr. Mellas’ Board recertification.

Case 11

When patients have oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or lip biting, their bite may look like this. This patient did well with full braces to close down the bite and we used special brackets called tongue tamers to stop the thumb habit.

Case 12

This growing patient did very well with a first phase appliance that helps bring the lower jaw forward to eliminate the overbite and overjet. She then wore braces to help align the teeth. Compare the drastic change in the patient’s profile.