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Braces for All Ages

We are committed to providing exceptional care for all of our patients. We are fortunate to treat patients of all ages and to address their individual needs. Our practice recognizes that adults and children have different needs, and require a different level of attention and care. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatments, and that your needs are met with understanding, respect, and full commitment from us.


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first orthodontic exam around the age of seven. Where indicated, early treatment allows us to correct and guide your child’s jaw, create more space for crowded teeth, avoid the need for extractions later in life, and correct thumb sucking and myofunctional habits such as tongue thrusting that can lead to speech problems. We recommend that you schedule a complimentary exam for your child so that we can determine if an interceptive orthodontic treatment is recommended.


Many advances have been made in the size, materials and colors of braces making life with braces more comfortable and esthetically pleasing than in the past. There are several treatment options to choose from, including high tech metal, ceramic, and clear aligners. Invisalign Teen may be a treatment option for you. Also, as the technology has evolved, you may be surprised that treatment can be completed in a very reasonable amount of time!


We love treating adults! Our office is designed with a private adult room with you in mind. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21! Many adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health and they want to feel better about their appearance. Today’s orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, esthetic, and customized to meet your needs, such as clear braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. Remember, a straight smile isn’t just beautiful; it will help you maintain the health of your teeth for life! Benefits of orthodontic treatment include giving you the smile you are hoping for and a good functional occlusion to maintain the health of your teeth for life. Call us for a complimentary exam to discuss your options!